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Flexible private tuition in the Peterborough area

We provide one-to-one lessons in your home. You choose the day and time. There is no long-term commitment. You decide when you start and stop.

Boost your child's exam prospects

Do you want to improve your child’s chances of exam success? Our skilled and experienced tutors can teach them the material and the exam skills to help them express their potential.

Your personal learning plan

If you feel that your child needs some extra help, you can rely on your tutor to provide them with tailored support to boost their learning.

"Thank you so much for ensuring that we had the best man for the job. I will definitely use your services again." (Mrs Tirant, Peterborough)

The right tutor for you

We take great care in choosing your tutor.

We make full use of any information you provide.

If things don't "click" between the tutor and pupil we will change the tutor.

(This is very rare! We usually get the match right first time.)